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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

With the development of technology nowadays, electrical and electronics engineering getting more important for shipbuilding industry because It is getting more complicated day by day to bring close together many electronics and electrical systems without any problem. Otobot provides high quality services in electrical and electronis engineering area with its multi-disciplinary approach.

Supplied Services:

  • Preparing AC/DC electric load analysis tables

  • Preparing AC/DC electric single line diagrams

  • Determining electric distribution architectures

  • Determining necessary electrical&electronic equipment

  • Designing distribution panels, connection&junction boxes

  • Preparing layout plans, cable block diagrams, wiring diagrams, related tables and schematics

  • Preparing detailed lighting plans by making necessary calculations and determining types&quantities of light fixtures to be used

  • Preparing bridge&flybridge console equipment arrangement plans (2D)

  • Preparing mast equipment arrangement plans (2D)

  • Preparing engine room&technical area electrical equipment arrangement plans (2D)

  • On-site consultancy

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